c6a and m6a AMD Epyc AWS EC2 instances support for CentOS 8 AMI Marketplace 47k9ia2igxpcce2bzo8u3kj03

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We have launched some EC2 servers 6 month ago using the CentOS 8 MarketPlace AMI 47k9ia2igxpcce2bzo8u3kj03 (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-ndxelprnnxecs)
Now we have migrated these servers to CentOS Stream 8.

We can change the instance type of these servers until m6i and c6i Intel based CPU, but we cannot change the instance type to new ADM Epyc c6a and m6a. There is an error triggered by the AWS console and saying to this marketplace server is not compatible with c6a and m6a instance types...
Is there a reason for this situation (because this AMI is X86_64 compatible, so AMD Epyc should work with it) ?
Do you know which team is managing this marketplace AMI and which team could authorize using the new AMD Epyc EC2 instances with this AMI ?
I know that I could relaunch news servers using another AMI, but I don't want to waste my time in reconfiguring all these servers from a brand new AMI... I would prefer to just change the instance type of the existing servers.

I contacted the AWS support to get somes explanations and a solution for this situation, but they asked me to contact the CentOS community support, it's why I'm sending this e-mail to this list.

Thank you !
Best regards.


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