qemu-kvm-core features moved to separate packages in CentOS 9 Stream

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Hi all,

There's currently MR [1] on review with changes making the packing
layout more close to fedora. This change unfortunately causes users
using qemu-kvm-core package (not qemu-kvm) to lose some functionality
as some submodules will be moved to separate packages so anyone using
these features has to install such package in addition to
qemu-kvm-core package. This change won't affect qemu-kvm usage as this
package will keep these packages as dependency.

These changes are going to be submitted soon so anyone using CentOS 9
Streams qemu-kvm-core package should check whether the functionality
is still provided by core package after the change or additional
subpackage is needed.

[1] https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/src/qemu-kvm/-/merge_requests/60

MIroslav Rezanina
Virtualization Team - Maintainer

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