recommended network setup for kvm/qemu VM running pfsense?

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I'm planning to set a up a kvm/qemu VM with pfsense. I have a quad-port Intel PRO/1000 PT networking card to put into my server which I want to use as card dedicted to this VM.

I was planning to use PCI passthrough to hand over the network card (or all ports on the card) to the VM. However, according to using a bridge (bridges in this case) is the "recommended config for general guest connectivity on hosts with static wired networking configs".

Pfsense running in the VM will have a static ipv4 address and a dynamic ipv6 subnet via a pppoe connection to the ISP. Addresses on the other networks the VM will be connected to are static, except for the ipv6 addresses Pfsense will get via prefix-delegation and distribute to local clients.

The libvirt documentation shows a multitude of options to give network access to VMs.

What would be the best option for this purpose?
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