Re: OS-level virtualization using LXC and systemd-nspawn containers

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On 25.01.2021 22:24, Scott Dowdle wrote:

I found only two possible free/open source alternatives for OpenVZ 6:

- systemd-nspawn

Some you seem to have overlooked?!?

1) OpenVZ 7
2) LXD from Canonical that is part of Ubuntu
3) podman containers with systemd installed (set /sbin/init as the entry point)

OpenVZ 7 has no updates, and therefore is not suitable for production.

LXC/LXD is the same technology, as I understand from

podman can't be a replacement for OpenVZ 6 / systemd-nspawn because
it destroys the root filesystem on the container stop, and all changes
made in container configs and other container files will be lost.
This is a nightmare for the website hosting server with containers.

systemd-nspawn probably is the best fit for my tasks.
But systemd-nspawn also have some major disadvantages
in the current RHEL-stable and RHEL-beta versions:

Answering to your previous question:

> in the reproduction steps, disabling SELinux is a step?

SELinux must be disabled, because if SELinux is enabled
- it prevents systemd-nspawn containers from starting.

SELinux permissive mode is useless because it consumes
more resources compared to completely disabled SELinux.

Best regards,
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