Pushing real machines into KVM/Qemu

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Hi all,

I took a real Core 2 machine (T7200… whose motherboard was starting to die…) running Fedora 29 and dd’d the SSD over to my KVM server, then created a VM using “create from existing image”.

After some tweaking, including setting the disk type to “SATA” from “Virtio”, I got it working.

Is there a fixed recipe for virtualizing CentOS/Fedora/RHEL instances into running VM’s on KVM/Qemu?

Like re-running dracut and adding any particular drivers, etc?

It works, but I don’t know how efficient the emulation is.

The host hardware has IGB NIC’s, and I’m using “hostdev” as the network type, so that seems to be working well enough with the “igbvf” driver.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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