Amazon Machine Image failing because of ec2:RunInstances Not authorized for images: [ami-03c4e540f2256d223]

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Not sure why, but when trying to create an instance the build fails with not being able to access marketplace image.

API: ec2:RunInstances Not authorized for images: [ami-03c4e540f2256d223]

Currently subscribed to the CENTOS 7 AMI with updates.

From Amazon:
This ami-03c4e540f2256d223 may be depreciated by the provider if it is not letting you to launch new instances from it, means it is no longer available.
You would need to find the latest AMI version from the marketplace on the page where you begin configuration or I would suggest contact the marketplace provider support directly, unfortunately we do not have insight in those images, only the provider.

This way they'll update the below mappings in the CloudFormation template with the relevant AMI for us-west-2 region for you.

"AWSRegionArch2AMI": {
            "us-east-1": {
                "HVM64": "ami-0e683f9e59dd2838c"
            "us-west-2": {
                "HVM64": "ami-03c4e540f2256d223"
            "us-west-1": {
                "HVM64": "ami-08eaa393abc9e7ee2"

Please advise.

Jay Wisniewski
Systems Administrator
Information Technology

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