Re: libvirt stuck when executing 2 or more parallel calls

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On Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 02:47:33PM +0200, Oleksandr Panchuk wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently built RPM package libvirt-4.3.0-1.xen48.el6 (
> ) has following issue:
> When trying to run two or more virus commands (2 or more simultaneous calls
> to libvirtd) we got virsh stuck. See attached strace log.
> What could be possible cause?

I don't know, but that issue might be fix upstream. Unfortunatly newer
version requires a newer version of gnutls.

Does libvirt-4.1.0-2.xen48.el6 works better?
We could keep that version on el6, and I'll just need to rebuild it with
an extra patch to it, this one:
  libxl: don't hardcode scheduler weight


Anthony PERARD
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