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On onsdag 29 augusti 2018 kl. 20:19:22 EEST Alvin Starr wrote:

> So in this case do the VM's need to be protected from each other or are
> they all inside a safe controlled network.

No, the environment is quite controlled.
What need to be achieved is that IF someone steal the image
for one or several of the VM:s they will not be able to
emulate the functionality on any other hardware platform.

The VM:s are together making up a functional
setup where they are all needed. Isolation between them is
not critical.

> Is this to secure one VM from another or is it being used for something
> like software licensing validation?
> One has serious security implications the other is just making it
> possible for someone to run a stupid licensing model on a virtual machine.

No licensing :-)


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