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For the past three years I have my computer been set with with multiple virtual machine assigned to a GPU using QEMU/KVM and VFIO. For the past year CentOS as been the host computer, it has been reliable. This summer I switch to the Centos Enterprise package, it been work for several weeks until Friday, sometime over the weekend the console portion of the boot process does not display. I have one Windows 10 virtual machine book, but the EFI boot screen does not display and the Windows circle do not dance on the screen. I am unable able to boot my other virtual machines, they get stuck the monitor just flash on and off.

I performed a major upgrade on the 4th of July it work through Friday. I have used the history command in yum to undo the update the problem persisted. I have qemu-kvm-ev-2.10.0-21.el7_5.4.1.x86_64 and libvirt-3.9.0-14.el7_5.6.x86_64. I can post a configuration if you think it will help, I have regenerated a xml file from partially working Windows 10 machine. What has changed in the last week. I have tried many things but not sure were to go from here.

Thank you

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