Re: Q: how can I request to add an upstream patch to resolve a core dump issue?

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2018-06-22 9:26 GMT+02:00 Xiong, Huan <huan.xiong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
UPDATE: It turned out QEMU still dumped core with that patch applied.

That said, I'm still interested to know how to report issues with QEMU from centos-virt repo.

You can open a bug on
But please note we are just rebuilding qemu-kvm-rhev provided by Red Hat so you may want to open a bug directly on



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> From: Xiong, Huan
> Sent: 2018年6月22日 11:12
> To: 'centos-virt@xxxxxxxxxx' <centos-virt@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Q: how can I request to add an upstream patch to resolve a core
> dump issue?
> Hi,
> The latest version of QEMU (qemu-kvm-ev-2.10.0-21.el7_5.3.1) from centos-
> virt repo doesn't have this patch:
>   commit 68a9398261ca38979bbc2b7c89ed5bb044ccc9e6
>   Author: linzhecheng <linzhecheng@xxxxxxxxxx>
>   Date: Tue Nov 28 12:46:56 2017 +0800
>   qemu-thread: fix races on threads that exit very quickly
> I wonder how I can request to add it? I hit a core dump issue repeatedly,
> which I believe is fixed by this patch. While I observed it on an aarch64
> machine, I think the issue is common on all arch types.
> I'd like to submit a bug report, but didn't find a category for centos-virt at
> (I suppose I should file bug against upstream,
> right?). The Virt-SIG wiki page seems to be outdated and doesn't contain
> information on this. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Ray
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