Q: how can I request to add an upstream patch to resolve a core dump issue?

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The latest version of QEMU (qemu-kvm-ev-2.10.0-21.el7_5.3.1) from 
centos-virt repo doesn't have this patch:

  commit 68a9398261ca38979bbc2b7c89ed5bb044ccc9e6
  Author: linzhecheng <linzhecheng@xxxxxxxxxx>
  Date: Tue Nov 28 12:46:56 2017 +0800

  qemu-thread: fix races on threads that exit very quickly

I wonder how I can request to add it? I hit a core dump issue repeatedly, 
which I believe is fixed by this patch. While I observed it on an aarch64 
machine, I think the issue is common on all arch types.

I'd like to submit a bug report, but didn't find a category for centos-virt 
at https://Bugzilla.redhat.com (I suppose I should file bug against upstream, 
right?). The Virt-SIG wiki page seems to be outdated and doesn't contain
information on this. Any suggestions?

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