Apparent discontinuity between advertised centos7 release 1803_01 and content of centos-release file

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I searched centos7 in the AWS marketplace for the at-time-of-writing-latest centos7 image:

I built a standard free tier t2.micro from this putative 1803_01 AMI.  I see from the docs, this is thus a March 2018 compilation.
When I get CLI, I get this:

[centos@ip-172-31-27-32 etc]$ cat centos-release
CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

which suggests that the AMI I just launched was built on a version of centos compiled from upstream sources in August 2017.  
Does the release of centos7 on the marketplace sport a release version which does not pertain to the machine's release? Unlike with releases published outside AWS, the Centos cloud page does not specify version info as listed on AWS.

Thanks v much IA,


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