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Yes, the binaries were correctly installed in /boot, but grub2-mkconfig wasn't creating an entry in grub.cfg for the particular combination of linux kernel and xen that I was looking for. Manually editing the grub.cfg appeared to work okay, but it was a pain because it gets over-written everytime grub2-mkconfig gets run.

Thanks George,

Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 7:05 AM
From: "George Dunlap" <dunlapg@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "Discussion about the virtualization on CentOS" <centos-virt@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re:  custom Xen on custom kernel on CentOS 7

On systems with grub2, is tweaking the global grub2
config -- making sure Xen runs first, and adding some default
configuration. Even without that, grub2-mkconfig should be creating
entries if the binaries exist.

Are you sure:
1. That your new kernel & hypervisor have installed binaries in /boot?
2. That grub2-mkconfig is writing the config to the proper directory?
(i.e., that, you're using the correct '-o' argument?)

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