Re: kernel-4.9.37-29.el7 (and el6)

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On 21/07/2017 18:26, Johnny Hughes wrote:
On 07/21/2017 06:06 AM, Piotr Gackiewicz wrote:
On Fri, 21 Jul 2017, Johnny Hughes wrote:

I will happily create a test kernel with SLAB .. what is your config
file diff?
I have just choosed SLAB allocator in menuconfig.
It has implied several other internal configurations changes.

Overall differencess (config file patch) is in attachment.

But my considerations about compiled in PATA etc., instead of modules,
remain actual ;-).

OK .. I have built:

kernel-4.9.39-29.el6 and kernel-4.9.39-29.el7

They have been tagged to the testing repository

They should show up in a couple of hours into the testing repo.

Everyone who was having memory issues, give those a try.

Also, please test the iscsi configs as well.


and iSCSI on bnx2i driver for  broadcom 57810 is working fine, 
only few hours but much better then latest released kernel

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