Re: kernel-4.9.37-29.el7 (and el6)

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On 07/21/2017 06:06 AM, Piotr Gackiewicz wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jul 2017, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> I will happily create a test kernel with SLAB .. what is your config
>> file diff?
> I have just choosed SLAB allocator in menuconfig.
> It has implied several other internal configurations changes.
> Overall differencess (config file patch) is in attachment.
> But my considerations about compiled in PATA etc., instead of modules,
> remain actual ;-).

OK .. I will create a 4.9.39 kernel with slub off and slab on later
today.  The only change I will make is to also turn slab_debug on (it
will add things to the debuginfo file that Sarah created for the kernels).

WRT the other items in the kernel (modules or compiled directly), I
would rather leave everything else alone as it is how the Red Hat
kernels seem to be done .. unless someone has them actually causing a

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