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On 06/12/2017 05:17 PM, Sarah Newman wrote:
> Is there any problem moving to 4.9.31? This contains upstream commits f2e767bb5d6ee0d9 for mpt3sas and
> 69861e0a52f87333 for dom0 memory mappings.

4.9.31-27 is tagged for testing presently along with updated firmware.
I have it running on one hypervisor on Xen-44 and it has been stable for
3 days so far.  We could probably use some more testing before tagging
it stable.

I have been having some dom0 page allocation failures on 4.9.25... does
69861e0a52f87333 address that issue?  I was having trouble determining
if it was related.

> I am also trying to build a debuginfo package but it's not correct. Specifically I'm able to get vmlinux but the .debug files for modules are
> stripped, which isn't right. Does anyone know how to fix this?

How are you building?  CentOS builds with mock, but I'm not super
familiar with the environment.  rpmbuild -b doesn't seem to always work
that well.

Here's info from the last build:

> I'm also not sure how you're supposed to build the kernel-firmware package with the current spec file definition.

I'm also not sure about how the firmware builds work but here's the Koji
builds from the last update:

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