What is the purpose setting console=hvc0 in the dom0 grub config?

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I recently went through a frustrating experience trying to get Xen 4 running on a CentOS 7 system.  After a fresh install, fully updating the system, rebooting, then trying to install Xen4CentOS it would fail to boot into the 4.9 kernel, sitting there with a blinking cursor indefinitely.

I thought it was a failure with grub, but it turns out this was set in the grub config:


So the kernel was loading successfully, but it was failing boot properly (hanging because it couldn't find the / file system, but that's a different story). Boot messages were not being displayed on my console because of the console=hvc0 setting, hampering the troubleshooting process.

What is the purpose of setting console=hvc0?  I removed it so I could trouble shoot this problem, but I didn't re-add it and the system booted fine, Xen is working.  Is there something that depends on this?

I always disable "rhgb quiet" on a fresh install because I don't like boot messages being hidden from me, and now this other thing does it.  I like details, I need the details, don't hide them from me.

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