Pair-bonding on virtualized servers, particularly on CentOS 7

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Is anyone out there using pair-bonding on CentOS 7? I'm particularly
looking at systems where one VM network port is tied to one bridge,
tied to one port on the hypervisor, and one network port on the VM
tied to t he other bridge tied to th e other port on the hypervisor,
for failover in a VM that can be exposed directly to the local

I'm also dealing with pair bonding of they hypervisor, even if the
VM's are NAT'ed, and wonder if anyone wants to share testing confgs
and notes for CentOS 7. I published notes on KVM bridging, pair
bonding, and even tagged VLAN's for CentOS 5 and 6 years ago, but
CentOS 7 has proven to be trickier, and I'm wondering if anyone else
doing virtualization has spent cycles on this.

I think I've gotten the setup on the hypervisor automated, but don't
have much space or time to run tests. I'm happy to share tools and
access to tools under an open source license.
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