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Man standing on a track

Diabetes and Your Liver

Did you know that type 2 diabetes and being overweight can put you at an increased risk for certain types of liver disease? Learn more about the connection, getting screened for liver disease, and how to care for your liver.

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Image of the Week

photomicrograph of a section of pancreatic tissue

Cytomegalic Inclusion Cells

This photomicrograph of a section of pancreatic tissue, harvested from an infant, revealed the presence of cytomegalic inclusion cells contained within the gland’s acini.

Three chemists in Haiti working, clothed in blue personal protective equipment
Close view of an asymmetrical, dark-brown-red pigmented lesion, which was diagnosed as melanoma
Photomicrograph of an African eye worm
Young man reading a handheld thermometer

Seasonal Flu 

A female medical provider greeting an elderly patient

How to Prevent Flu

Learn about flu vaccines and everyday preventive actions that are recommended to reduce the spread of flu.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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