Coming soon: V-safe for RSV vaccines

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Coming Soon: Use V-safe to tell CDC how you feel after RSV vaccination

V-safe, one of several systems CDC uses to closely monitor the safety of vaccines, will be available this fall to include health check-ins initially for adults 60 years and older who receive a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine and soon thereafter for pregnant people who receive a maternal RSV vaccine.

V-safe, originally developed in 2020 for people to report how they felt after receiving COVID-19 vaccines, will enable participants to report how they feel after getting an RSV vaccine. Additionally, enhanced functionality will allow participants to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to enroll and complete health check-ins.

Older man and woman looking at a tablet.

After receiving an RSV vaccine, participants can enroll in V-safe to receive health check-ins via text messages or emails to complete confidential surveys so that they can quickly and easily share with CDC how they feel after getting vaccinated (for example, if they are experiencing injection site pain or a fever). The data collected through V-safe help CDC monitor potential vaccine side effects and inform the public about what to expect following vaccination.

The updated V-safe website and related materials will be available soon. Please be on the lookout for additional updates from CDC.

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