V-safe helps CDC monitor the safety of vaccines

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V-Safe after vaccination health checker

Use CDC’s V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker After Receiving a COVID-19 or Monkeypox Vaccine

CDC’s v-safe after vaccination health checker is a smartphone-based system that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized and confidential health check-ins. Participants can tell CDC how they, or their child or dependent, feel after they receive any dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (including an updated bivalent booster) or a monkeypox vaccine. Participation in v-safe helps CDC monitor the safety of vaccines.

V-safe is one of several systems CDC uses to monitor vaccine safety. It allows CDC to gather and analyze important information and monitor potential side effects in real-time so scientists can quickly determine if there is a safety concern with a particular vaccine. V-safe first launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as an innovative vaccine safety monitoring system to gather post-COVID-19 vaccination information from enrolled participants. The v-safe system now offers personalized health check-ins for those receiving monkeypox vaccine. Participants will need to enroll for v-safe monkeypox even if they previously enrolled and participated in v-safe for COVID-19, and they can participate in v-safe after their second dose of monkeypox vaccine, even if they did not participate after their first dose.

Learn more about v-safe:

  • Sign up for v-safe after receiving a COVID-19 or monkeypox vaccine at vsafe.cdc.gov
  • Visit our new v-safe webpage at www.cdc.gov/vsafe
  • Download or order free print copies of our v-safe info sheet and poster (select “v-safe” in the Programs drop down menu on CDC-INFO on Demand)
  • Display our v-safe poster in vaccine administration areas

Help spread the word. Enroll in v-safe and tell CDC how you, or your dependent, feel after getting a COVID-19 or monkeypox vaccine.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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