Protect Yourself Against Flu Viruses that Usually Circulate in Pigs

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August 26, 2022

Influenza (Flu)

Take Action to Protect Yourself Against Flu Viruses that Usually Circulate in Pigs   

CDC has confirmed one additional human infection with a flu virus that usually spreads in pigs, for a total of five during 2022. Sporadic reports of people being infected with flu viruses that usually spread in pigs happen each year, many after attending agricultural fairs where pigs are present. CDC recommends people take precautions in settings where pigs may be present.   
Image of Webinar: Meet the Red Book Committee

Webinar: Meet the Red Book Committee, Influenza Update on September 7        

The AAP Red Book Committee is hosting a free webinar on the AAP and CDC recommendations on the prevention and treatment of flu in children and adolescents. Topics include the upcoming 2022-2023 flu season during the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine hesitancy, disparities in vaccination rates, and strategies to improve catch-up on childhood vaccination rates. Tune in on September 7th from 7-8 pm CT.   

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CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted recently to recommend the use of High-Dose (Fluzone), recombinant (FluBlok), and adjuvanted (Fluad) flu vaccines over standard-dose flu vaccines if available for adults 65 years and older:

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