Vaccine Code Set Release Notes 5/27/2022

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NCIRD National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases


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Vaccine Code Set Update Publication Date: May 27, 2022


Release Notes:  This release covers code updates for Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) codes and maps only.  A minor correction to the release notes published on 5/25 for the vaccine code set release of 5/24/2022 is also noted. 

These release notes address code updates for the following:

  1. VIS Code Updates
  2. Minor Release Note Correction for Code Set Release of 5/24/2022

1. VIS Code Updates


VIS codes are created to enable provider systems to implement VIS scanning and to help automate capture of the specific VIS document edition given to the recipient or caregiver.  VIS codes may be published in advance of the actual VIS document publication, but they are only in effect and useable starting on the edition date of the VIS.  The URLs included in the code set will not point to the new edition until the VIS document edition date.


This release includes the following VIS related code updates:

  • One new VIS edition dated 06/02/2022 for "Rabies Vaccine VIS" (*).  This replaces the prior edition dated 1/8/2020

(*) Note: VIS Document Type Descriptions in the VIS vaccine code set may not be exactly the same as the final published VIS document title.

In the code set files, the following has been added for the new edition:

  • New document identifier, "VIS Fully-encoded text string": 253088698300018911220602
  • "Edition Date":  06/02/2022
  • "Date of Last Update":  06/02/2022
  • "Edition Status":  Current
  • "GDTI" of 0886983000189 and URLs remain the same as for the prior edition
  • CVX Codes 175 and 176 associated to the new document

The previous VIS document will have the "Edition Status" set to "Historic" with the "Date of Last Update" as 06/02/2022.


Note that the code sets are prepared in advance of the actual effective date of the new VIS.  As such, the URLs will continue to point to the edition document dated 01/08/2020 until the new edition is in effect on 06/02/2022.  The following two VIS code set files have been updated on the CDC website on 05/27/2022 to reflect the changes in this release:

  • VIS Barcode Lookup Table
  • CVX to VIS

2. Minor Release Note Correction for Code Set Release Published 5/24/2022


The GTIN Table columns headers were incorrectly labeled in the Release Notes published on 5/25/2022. The table column headers shown below are corrected.  This is a correction to the release notes only.  The codes are correct and reflect the information shown here.


NDC10 Unit of SaleNDC10 Unit of UseGTIN
14362-0111-4 20314362011142
13533-131-01 20313533131016


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