Crash bug in bluez-4.4

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Hi All,

Just found a funny bug, steps to reproduce below:

1) make sure you have no headset whatsoever configured in bluez (fresh
empty setup)

2) Configure your asoundrc with empty bluetooth parameters

pcm.bluetooth {
        type bluetooth

ctl.bluetooth {
        type bluetooth

3)Launch your favourite ALSA base player, configure "bluetooth" as
output device

4) Hit play.

5) *BANG*
bluetoothd[17227]: Parsing
/usr/local/stow/bluez-4.4/etc/bluetooth/audio.conf failed: No such file
or directory
bluetoothd[17227]: Unix socket created: 13
bluetoothd[17227]: Telephony plugin initialized
bluetoothd[17227]: HFP AG features: (none)
bluetoothd[17227]: Accepted new client connection on unix socket (fd=10)
bluetoothd[17227]: Audio API: received BT_GETCAPABILITIES_REQ
Erreur de segmentation

Path attached fixes the bug... by removing three lines of code that seem to me not only a premature, but also bogus optimization :-(, that prevent us to trying to return the first element of an empty gslist.

However i'm not that familiar with that manager stuff and might be wrong, so please double check that ;-)



--- manager.c.orig	2008-09-08 21:22:06.000000000 +0200
+++ manager.c	2008-09-08 21:22:11.000000000 +0200
@@ -999,9 +999,6 @@
 	GSList *l;
-	if (!bacmp(bda, BDADDR_ANY) && !interface && !connected)
-		return devices->data;
 	for (l = devices; l != NULL; l = l->next) {
 		struct audio_device *dev = l->data;
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