Re: btusb+sco failing to play sound through Jabra BT500v headset (was: SCO flowcontrol patch v4.4 on 2.6.25/6 causes) hardlocks when connecting to BT device

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Hi Martin,

>> don't use headsetd. Use the audio stuff that comes with
>> bluez-utils.
> The dbus API documented at /usr/share/doc/bluez-utils/audio-api.txt?
> How would I make existing applications speak to that?
> Sorry, but dpkg -L bluez-utils (3.36-1) doesn't list anything else
> audio-related. Is the version outdated?

you don't have to. The bluez-utils-3.36 comes with an audio plugin  
that does all this for you. You just have to add 4 magic lines  
into .asoundrc. See for these for it.

We have native support for ALSA and GStreamer with the audio plugin  
and it can either use the headset profile or A2DP. And native  
PulseAudio support is in the making :)



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