bug/problem in 3.36 utils with non GLib (missing adapter info when registering a passkey-agent)

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Posted this on bluez-users' list, sorry it better should be posted here:
I think t

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From: Johannes Niederloehner <johannes.niederloehner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 1:24 AM
Subject: in 3.36 registering security interface without adapter?
To: bluez-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Having some trouble after updating vom 3.31 to 3.36 with registering a passkeyagent.
Taking a look at the sources I'm wondering couple of things.

in 3.31:

after adding a new adapter...hcid_dbus_register_device calls dbus_connection_create_object_path and this function of dbus-hci.c adds in data->user_data the adapter name/path (e.g /org/bluez/hci0)

When a new passkeyagent registers calling the method register_passkey_agent from the method table security_methods (via the generic_table from dbus-helper.c)
 the following doesn't fail, since data isnt null:

if (!data) {
        error("register_passkey_agent called without any adapter info!");

In contrary in 3.36 dbus-helper.c is removed and you are more using GLib stuff.

the mentioned function hcid_dbus_register_device of dbus-hci.c calls security_init without passing the adapter name. security_init finally calls g_dbus_register_interface without providing adapter name.

finally if register_passkey_agent gets called,   the following,  _does fails_ :

if (!data) {
        error("register_passkey_agent called without any adapter info!");
        return NULL;

since the user_data was never filled.

Everything seems also to be related with the usage of GLib or I mean because I disabled the usage of that Lib and your own implementation is used instead

Is this a problem, isn't it?
Sorry if I have demonstrated the problem not clearly. In that case just drop me a line I'll try again tomorrow after having some more sleep.

Johannes N.

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