Re: Why always disconnect the headset?

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Hi Ludovico,

On Jul 27, 2008, at 23:41, Ludovico Cavedon wrote:
> I noticed that every time an application closes a SCO audio device, my
> headset gets disconnected (HEADSET_STATE_DISCONNECTED). This means  
> that
> when the application reopens the device, it requires some seconds to  
> get
> the audio working.
> So, why is the headset disconnected and not just left in the state
> HEADSET_STATE_CONNECTED? (i.e. the same stat that the headset enters
> when I turn it on and pairs with my pc).

You didn't mention which version of BlueZ you use, but in recent  
versions the logic is such that only implicitly created connections  
are automatically disconnected (after a 3 second timeout) but  
explicitly created connections stay up until you manually disconnect  
them. An implicitly created connection would be one caused by an ALSA  
application when it opens the audio device. Connections that fall into  
the explicitly created category are those that happen when you turn  
the headset on and it connects to the PC or when you call the  
Headset.Connect() D-Bus method and the PC connects to the headset.


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