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> I'm trying to put a working obex server with both opush and ftp on an arm  
> based board. It is a minimal system without much capacity and as such it  
> does not even has an graphical system. It is based in linux kernel  
> 2.6.20-4.
> I successfully build dbus-1.2.1, bluez-libs-3.35, bluez-utils-3.35,  
> bluez-hcidump-1.42, openobex-1.3, obexftp-0.22 and now obexd-0.1. The  
> obexftpd server included in obexftp does work but does not support opush  
> so I tried obexd.
> To get obexd fully running, and since it is a minimal system, I performed  
> the following steps:
> arm-linux-dbus-uuidgen --ensure
> ln -s /usr/bin/arm-linux-dbus-launch /usr/bin/dbus-launch
> dbus-daemon --system
> hcid -x -s -d
> dbus-daemon --session --print-address --fork
> export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/usr/var/run/dbus/system_bus_soc
> ket,guid=4ac461b547be180a59ec802748690912
> obexd -n -d -r /mnt/ -a -o -f
> With such settings and trying a obex push from a nokia phone to the board  
> I get the following which results in a failed sending:
> / # ./obexd -n -d --root /mnt/ -a -o -f
> obexd[817]: Enabling debug information
> obexd[817]: Registered: OBEX OPUSH server, record handle: 0x10004, folder:  
> /mnt/
> obexd[817]: Registered: OBEX FTP server, record handle: 0x10005, folder:  
> /mnt/
> manager_init: conn 0x1bcb0
> obexd[817]: New connection from: 00:1E:A4:A6:0C:30 channel: 9
> obexd[817]: REQHINT(0x1), CONNECT(0x0), (null)(0x0)
> obexd[817]: REQ(0x2), CONNECT(0x0), (null)(0x0)
> obexd[817]: Version: 0x10. Flags: 0x00  OBEX packet length: 65535
> obexd[817]: Resizing stream chunks to 65335
> obexd[817]: REQDONE(0x3), CONNECT(0x0), (null)(0x0)
> obexd[817]: REQHINT(0x1), PUT(0x2), (null)(0x0)
> obexd[817]: REQCHECK(0xb), PUT(0x2), (null)(0x0)
> obexd[817]: OBEX_HDR_NAME: (null)
> obexd[817]: OBEX_HDR_LENGTH: 7650
> obexd[817]: OBEX_HDR_TYPE: image/jpeg
> obexd[817]: REQDONE(0x3), PUT(0x2), (null)(0x0)
> I noticed that OBEX_HDR_NAME was (null) and as I already had a functioning  
> obexftpd server from the openobex project I copy pasted a few lines of  
> code to the obex.c file, more precisely to the following function:
> static gboolean check_put(obex_t *obex, obex_objext_t *obj)
> Making a diff between the original and the new for the changes:
> 463a464,470
> >             static char *name = NULL;
> >            if( (name = malloc(hlen / 2)))	{
> >                 OBEX_UnicodeToChar((uint8_t *)name,, hlen);
> >                 fprintf(stderr, "put file name: %s\n", name);
> >             }
> >
> 466c473,476
> < 			debug("OBEX_HDR_NAME: %s", os->name);
> ---
> >            os->name = name;
> >            debug("OBEX_HDR_NAME: %s", os->name);

unified diffs please since it is to hard to read context diffs or alike
for my brain :)

> This put the opush functioning in my case but certainly is not a solution  
> and I would like to know why It might be happening and if the problem is  
> on my side. Basically g_convert is not returning anything useful in my  
> case.

Jump on #obexd IRC channel on There are some update
pending and I am going for a 0.2 release end of this week.



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