Re: Next Release, and Device.DiscoverServices

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Hi David,

> Thanks for the feedback.  Upgrading to 3.33 resolved the immediate problem with accessing UUIDs, and I do get the correct UUID from 
> the remote (hurray!).
> FWIW, with SSP I intend to use only the "Just Works" model at this point, keeping the handshake as simple as possible (not a highly 
> secure application).  So, the capability parameter will be "NoInputOutput", if I am reading the code correctly (adapter.c). 
> Hopefully, that will "JustWork", and I can proceed with the effort I originally undertook.  At any rate, I will be watching CVS 
> closely...

you will need some kernel patches to make SSP work. I am going to
publish them soon. Just finished the last testing of unlikely error and
corner cases.



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