[PATCH] Keep rfcomm tty modem status

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Keep the modem status around in case the tty really needs it.

Signed-off-by: Denis Kenzior <denis.kenzior@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
diff --git a/include/net/bluetooth/rfcomm.h b/include/net/bluetooth/rfcomm.h
index 98ec7a3..d74094d 100644
--- a/include/net/bluetooth/rfcomm.h
+++ b/include/net/bluetooth/rfcomm.h
@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ struct rfcomm_dlc {
 	u8            addr;
 	u8            priority;
 	u8            v24_sig;
+	u8            remote_v24_sig;
 	u8            mscex;
 	u32           link_mode;
diff --git a/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c b/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c
index 0c2c937..2e37bb0 100644
--- a/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c
+++ b/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c
@@ -1459,6 +1459,7 @@ static int rfcomm_recv_msc(struct rfcomm_session *s, int cr, struct sk_buff *skb
 			clear_bit(RFCOMM_TX_THROTTLED, &d->flags);
+		d->remote_v24_sig = msc->v24_sig;
 		if (d->modem_status)
 			d->modem_status(d, msc->v24_sig);
diff --git a/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c b/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c
index 2488027..8fcca08 100644
--- a/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c
+++ b/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c
@@ -271,6 +271,9 @@ static int rfcomm_dev_add(struct rfcomm_dev_req *req, struct rfcomm_dlc *dlc)
 	dlc->owner = dev;
 	dev->dlc   = dlc;
+	rfcomm_dev_modem_status(dlc, dlc->remote_v24_sig);
 	/* It's safe to call __module_get() here because socket already
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