Re: I can't use 3.31 release, but 3.19 release works on the same platform

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Hi Halley,
>   My Bluetooth earphone is Motorola HT820. > >   > >   1. When I try to use bluez-utils 3.31 on my desktop (Ubuntu7.10),> there are some issues: (but there is no such issue when I use 3.19> version on this same platform). Should I update some other package> besides bluez-utils and bluez-libs?
please make sure the right pcm_bluetooth plugin is loaded. It needs tobe installed in /usr/lib/alsa-lib. If you installed it with a differentprefix and it ends up in /usr/loca/lib/alsa-lib then it won't work. Theaudio service needs to be used with the matching plugin.
>   2. When I use bluez-utils 3.19 version, application calls> snd_pcm_hw_params() sometimes will got return value "1". (The function> description says it will be 0 for success and negative number for> failure). The positive value makes me puzzled.
This is a question for the ALSA guys. I really have no clue.
> 3. Ubuntu hardy has included bluez-utils 3.26 version; but I found> there are many XRun errors when I use helix engine.
The audio service has been improved a lot of 3.26 and thus it mightsimply miss a patch. However for me it is already too old to rememberany details.

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