GSoC Project - Integration of Bluetooth Audio with PulseAudio

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Hello everybody!
My name is João Paulo Rechi Vita, I'm the student who will be workingwith you on the integration of BTAudio with the sound serverPulseAudio. First, I would like to thank all of you guys for giving methis opportunity. It's my first time working with BlueZ as a developer(I use BlueZ as a user, with a mouse and a SCO headset) and also myfirst time contributing to any FLOSS project. I'm a graduate studentat Campinas University, Campinas, SP, Brazil (GMT-3).
About the project, at first the idea was to make the BTAudio devicesto be shown by HAL, as virtual devices. Latter, during the applicationranking process, Vudentz (who's the mentor of this project) told methat HAL is not going to support virtual devices, and asked to changethe application focusing in PulseAudio integration.
I'm not pretty sure about how the integration is going to happen. Oneidea is to implement two modules in PA, a BT sink (playback) andsource (record). Also, there will be a need to something on PA todetect BT devices, similar to the module-detect-hal of PA.
The abstract of the GSoC application can be found at
Also, Brad Midgley, who's interested in the project, made a page atthe bluez trac. I didn't write nothing there yet, but I think it'sgonna be a good place to write about the project.
If one wants to discuss about the project, feel free to ping me on#bluez, my nick is jprvita. Also, feel free to email me in private, ifyou want.
-- João Paulo Rechi VitaMSc Computer Science StudentComputer EngineerIC/UNICAMP-------------------------------------------------------------------------This email is sponsored by the 2008 JavaOne(SM) Conference Don't miss this year's exciting event. There's still time to save $100. Use priority code J8TL2D2.;198757673;13503038;p? mailing listBluez-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx://

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