Full Screen Magnification for X Windows

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I am writing an Xlib (written in c) based screen magnification program for X Windows called BlindPenguin (http://www.blindpenguin.org). I am posting to this group to get ideas on a technical issue with the program. The issue is this any X magnification program that I have seen draws the magnified area on a window I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS. I want to write a program, which zooms in like a video camera on a particular part of the screen what will happen is that the magnified area of the screen will fill the entire screen, in simple terms the magnified area will be re-drawn with more pixels to fill the screen. However the X server and clients shouldn't care about this in-fact they shouldn't know. Basically there are 2 screens 1 is the screen that the X server creates and the other is the screen that the user sees. As I move the mouse around the X server moves it on the real screen but the user sees the magnified screen moving. To use the video camera analogy again imagine a pers!
on walking around a room using the view finder of a video camera turned up to full zoom to see. Their coordinates would change relative to the objects in the room but they would see things much larger than they are. 

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR I am looking for ideas or code that will help me do this. Also anyone who has knowledge of how programs like ZoomText or Lunar do this in Windows I would like to hear of it, I know that ZoomText doesn't work in X but the ideas may inspire me. 


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