Re: Gnome Accessibility

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John J. Boyer writes:
 > Hello,
 > I just joined this list, and I'm wondering if there is someone who is
 > working on Gnome accessability here.

There may be, but I suspect you would get a better response by writing
to the Gnome accessibility list directly. I have added it to the CC
field of this reply. The address is
gnome-accessibility-list@xxxxxxxxx and subscription details are
available from the web site.

 > BRLTTY now has a Grade 2 translator, which I developed with Dave Mielke. I
 > am interested in Braille accessibility for Gnome and would like to see if
 > the translator can be used in this project.

I suspect the Gnome accessibility developers would also be interested
in allowing Brltty to work with Gnome so that they do not need to
duplicate the effort of writing drivers for various braille displays,
and the user can have a seamless Brltty/Gnome experience.

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