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Oups! I've forgotten the b! :)

> De : Sébastien HINDERER <jrf3@xxxxxxxxxx>
> A : linux-develop@xxxxxxxxxx
> Objet : Serial port
> Date : samedi 30 décembre 2000 21:26
> Hi all,
> I'm writing a driver to manage my soft braille display with brltty.
> I disassembled the DOS drivers of my soft braille display, so that I know
> exactly how to communicate with him.
> The problem is that I'm a bit new in linux world, and I meet difficulties
> to configure dev/tty... I read alot, tried some combinations of flags,
> it doesn't work.
> So I'm searching someone who could look at my dos assembler-code and just
> tell me how to configure under linux.
> Thank you very much for help, and sorry for my bad english...
> Sebastien.

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