Re: Accessable programming practices

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>>>>> "Pranav" == Pranav Lal <pranav@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Pranav> Hi all, In the Windows environment, accessable programming
    Pranav> practices include items like not communicating directly
    Pranav> with a hardware device, placing label for edit boxes a few
    Pranav> pixels to the left of the edit box, exposing keyboard
    Pranav> elements and providing keyboard shortcuts. Are the same
    Pranav> practices applicable to Linux?

Basically, though the best "practice" to follow would be to separate
your program into a GUI component and other, smaller tools. I.e. if
you're designing a sound manipulation/editting program, write small
command cline tools to accomplish separate tasks, or perhaps even a
text-based environment which accepts certain commands and produces
certain outputs. Then, create a graphical front-end which either calls
the separate command line tools, or uses popen to access the
text-based program. While this isn't possible for all applications,
such as web browsers, most of what you'd need to do can be made much
more accessible by maintaining the unix philosophy of small tools.

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