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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:49:09 +100
From: John Ramm <jramm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: speech standard
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On 1999-03-12 blinux-list@xxxxxxxxxx said:
   >Seems to me a rediculous arguement about installing.  Surely no one
   >on this list, no blind user anyway can disagree with the
   >desirability of being able to install the operating system on their
   >computer independantly?  What could possibly be wrong with that?
   >it is all about accessability and it is the main reason why I have
   >not yet installed LINUX yet.
   >Dale R. Leavens:  Cochrane Ontario

I couldn't agree more! Why should I have to shedule time with my 
wife, or whoever, to install something on my computer? I'm not a 
great fan of Windows, but at least jaws now speaks to you from 
the moment you put the CD in the drive. It is absolutely not 
necessary to get anyone to help you install Jaws. 

Come on guys let's have a system that talks from as early on as 
possible. It is still a source of irritation that I cannot access 
the bios setup on my pc without sighted help, but at least when 
things get going the operating system comes up talking.

John Ramm

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