Speech in the kernel

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There has been much emotional debate on whether add speech support to
the kernel or not.

I actually can't see any strong arguments against besides kernel bloat
and the problem of having to recognize speech hardware as early as
possible in the startup phase (in case there are some arguments I'm not
aware of, then please reply to me personaly, and if anyone's interested,
I'll summarize those and post them back to blinux-devel).

As far as I can tell there's a "simple" minimal solution to the two
above problems:

- Use the internal speaker for output: the internal speaker should be
  really easy to use, since it is an absolute standart on all PCs. I
  don't know about lilo, but maybe it could be even used by lilo (!!!)
  so we could have speach output really --from-- the start.

- There's an existing kernel patch that uses the internal speaker for
  sound production.

- If we don't want to bloat the kernel with complex TTS, then the
  "speech" output could only consist of spelling the output out. This
  could suffice (minimal aproach!) for non sighted people for
  system install and debuging. At the moment when the kernel starts the
  init programm a more sophisticated speech solution can take over.

What do you think?


PS: I notice that often the same things (ideas) are discussed many
    times on blinux (sometimes even in parallel) without aparently
    people being aware of the fact. I have the impression that this
    is a bit specific to blinux. I'm a sighted person, so I might need
    to be clued in on how blind people percieve mailing lists or email
    in particular. So if my phrase constructions are awkward or
    incomprehensible then please tell me (privately).
             Tomas Pospisek - Freelance: Linuxing, Networking
         www.SPIN.ch - Internet Services in Graubuenden/Switzerland

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