Re: [PATCH 00/74] backport updates from Intel

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On 5/24/24 19:07, Johannes Berg wrote:
So ... I talked to Brian today, and realized that we've been
sort of maintaining backports to some extent, but not really.

This is what we have in our tree that's not upstream, and
rebased onto upstream (commit c96f36d5214).

With the copy-list restricted to the iwlwifi driver and hwsim
it even works, but the copy-list as-is doesn't even work, it
even contains some files that no longer exist.

But it's a start, and it's a lot of stuff that's not upstream


Hi Johannes,

Thank you for the patches.
OpenWrt still uses backports, I would like to get upstream up to date again.

I took some older patch series from you and some patches from Felix.
This is compiling fine using kerne 6.1 as a base.

I really should clean up the last patches and then push them to master. I haven't done much runtime testing, but it looks similar to the backports we use in OpenWrt against kernel 5.15.


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