Re: [PATCHv2] backports: Update hwsim defconfig

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On Mon, 2022-04-11 at 15:39 +0800, Mathy Vanhoef wrote:
> In the current hwsim config no rate control algorithm is enabled. This
> means that, when using defconfig-hwsim, the mac80211_hwsim fails to load
> with the following error:
> 	[  132.155183] ieee80211 phy0: Failed to select rate control algorithm
> 	[  132.155196] ieee80211 phy0: Failed to initialize rate control algorithm
> Fix this by enabling rate control algorithms in the provided hwsim
> config.

Makes sense, thanks.

> Experiments were also less reliable when WEXT was enabled. So this patch
> also disables WEXT when using defconfig-hwsim to make the default more
> reliable for users.

Huh? How so? Maybe some other tool was present on the system that was
using wext, and disabling wext made that tool no longer detect the
wireless or so? I cannot see how else it would be "less reliable" with
wext enabled, if you don't really use it.

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