[PATCH 0/4] backports: use kconfig from git subtree

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Updated version of kconfig has always been a challenge.
One of the pain points is figuring out how to do this well
and what files / Makefile lines to edit. Part of this is
because we don't carry all the kernel's helpers on our kconfig
helper. The other aspect which makes it hard is figuring out
adjustments of missing files, renames, and updates to things to
make things compile.

The kconfig git subtree effort aims at helping with this. It
figures all the above out for you and all we need to do is just
declare where we keep the kconfig data on, and then include a
Makefile from the git subtree code into our project. That's it.

Of course then there may also be fixes to our Kconfig files for
deprecated features, but that's expected collateral. This drops
our version of kconfig and embraces the git subtree version
whic is now up to date with the latest kconfig from linux-next

That makes for 4 projects now using this new kconfig git subtree:

 * init-kconfig
 * kdevops
 * fio-tests
 * backports

I've tested this by generating a backport using Linux stable
kernel v5.15.8. At least make menuconfig works.

Luis Chamberlain (4):
  backport/kconf: remove our version of kconfig
  Squashed 'backport/kconf/' content from commit 98bda615
  kconfig: fix backport syntax to work with linux-next next-20220204
  Makefile.subtrees: document how to update kconfig


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