Re: [PATCH 0/7] Resurrect backports Integration Mode

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On 11/24/21 6:54 AM, Thomas Pedersen wrote:
The backports integration mode[0] seems to have suffered some bitrot and
doesn't currently work. Integration mode can be convenient in certain
use cases and build flows though, so this patch set tries to fixup the
integration mode.

These changes were developed and tested for backporting a v5.10
backports + linux branch to a v4.19 kernel. v5.15-rc6 backports + linux
was successfully built against v4.19.


Thank you for your work. I didn't use this feature and you are right it did bit rot.


Thomas Pedersen (7):
   backport: refresh integration patch
   backport: resurrect integrations
   gentree: try to make patch operation idempotent in case of --clean
   gentree: do not prefix Kernel.local symbols
   lib/bpversion: calculate Kconfig.versions for next major version
   backport: expose BP_MODULES in package mode only
   kconfig: fix select conversion for BPAUTO_ symbols in integration mode

  backport/Kconfig.integrate                    | 11 ++--
  backport/Kconfig.package                      | 10 +--
  backport/Kconfig.package.hacks                |  9 +++
  backport/Kconfig.sources                      | 18 +++---
  backport/compat/Kconfig                       |  9 ---                                    | 62 +++++++++++++------
  .../0001-enable-backports-built-in.patch      | 34 +++++-----
  lib/                              | 11 +++-
  lib/                                |  5 +-
  9 files changed, 96 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)

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