Re: [PATCH 0/7] Resurrect backports Integration Mode

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Hi Luis,

On 2021-11-24 05:57, Luis Chamberlain wrote:
On Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 09:54:58PM -0800, Thomas Pedersen wrote:
The backports integration mode[0] seems to have suffered some bitrot and
doesn't currently work. Integration mode can be convenient in certain
use cases and build flows though, so this patch set tries to fixup the
integration mode.

These changes were developed and tested for backporting a v5.10
backports + linux branch to a v4.19 kernel. v5.15-rc6 backports + linux
was successfully built against v4.19.


Good stuff, looks good, just one thing the $FOO --> $(FOO) thing,
does that assume/require a bump in kconfig used in backports, ie,
if not using integration does that still work? If so then cool,
otherwise an upgrade to kconfig would be needed, and if that is
going to be done, I have a better solution to bump kconfig soon.

I just tried the package mode, and no it doesn't work. The embedded kconfig doesn't like "$()".

In that case I'll wait for your changes and resubmit once they've been merged.

I'll be making kconfig code stand alone tree soon which projects
which want to embrace it can use it as a git subtree (note this
is different and better than a git sub module). Then updates
can just be done with something like:

  make refresh-kconfig

And that would just get the latest kconfig and trigger a merge commit

Cool. It seems kconfig is becoming somewhat of a standard for build time configuration (backports, u-boot, buildroot, etc.), so it makes sense to live as a standalone repo.


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