Enabling WEXT_CORE

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I am using linux-backports in "integration mode" and managed to
backport wireless drivers from 5.4 to 4.9 (I needed to fix a few
Kconfig files, since integration mode does not work 100% out of the
box, but other than that everything seems to work).

One issue I have is that the file
"patches/0004-disable-wext-kconfig.patch" is removing the option
WEXT_CORE in backports/net/wireless/Kconfig, meaning that there is no
config BACKPORT_WEXT_CORE defined. However the config
BACKPORT_CFG80211_WEXT depends on WEXT_CORE, so I cannot enable
BACKPORT_CFG80211_WEXT and support for the old iwconfig interface (the
iw tool works fine, though). Is it a known limitation, or am I missing

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