Re: [PATCH] Updating id field in backports genl family

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On 06/11/2018 8:25, Johannes Berg wrote:
On Mon, 2018-06-11 at 05:29 -0500, Wan-Hua Chang wrote:

I see the patch causes compiling error becasue family->family is not
found when LINUX_VERSION >= 3.13

struct backport_genl_fmaily is only defined when LINUX_VERSION < 3.13

And in backports/backport/compat/backport-3.13.c line 127

family->id = family->

it looks like this line has done what the patch want to do. Is the
comprehension correct?

I guess we have to put an ifdef around this ...


Hi Aaron,

As Wan-Hua mentioned, it looks like backport-3.13.c line 127 syncs back the id for backport_genl_family structure for kernel < 3.13 already.

Could you please share more details about the failure you saw without this change? What's the kernel version you used?

Chi-hsien Lin


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