Re: How to use backports?

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Hi Patrick,

> From reading
> it would appear that I should be able to do something vaguely like:
> $ ./ --integrate --clean --gitdebug ../linux-ath-erstrom
> ../buildroot/build/linux-custom

In theory yes. I can't really recommend --integrate, it's untested. I
may remove it entirely since nobody is maintaining it.

> You need to have installed: spatch >= 1.0.6
> Try installing the package: coccinelle

Indeed. There was actually a very recent commit (latest commit) that
would make this require only an earlier version. Reverting that may be
easier for you.

> So now I am trying to compile coccinelle from source and that is failing:
> cp: cannot stat '/usr/lib/ocaml/parmap/parmap.cmx': No such file or directory
> Makefile:620: recipe for target 'ocaml/parmap.cmi' failed
> It appears that the version of libparmap-ocaml-dev I installed on my
> Ubuntu 16.04 workstation does not include parmap.cmx.  (It includes
> parmap.cmxa and parmap.cmxs, but not parmap.cmx).
> Or, perhaps I'm off on completely the wrong tangent here.

That I can't really say. I guess you could ask the coccinelle mailing
list about it.

> So, first questions first...
> If I want to port a driver from the latest linux-ath-erstrom source
> tree to my custom 4.9 source tree, is backports and the
> right way to go?

Yes, that sounds reasonable. I don't know what "linux-ath-erstrom" is,
but if it's reasonably close to upstream now it should be OK.

> Should I reasonably expect gentree to run on a 16.04 LTS Ubuntu?  If
> so, what dependencies should I install?

No idea, sorry.


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