Re: [PATCH] backports: rename *-asn1.[ch] to *.asn1.[ch]

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On Thu, 2018-04-19 at 16:02 +0800, Chi-Hsien Lin wrote:
> The linux-stable file rename has caused build failure. It's because 
> backports pulls kernel pkcs7_parser.c, which includes the renamed header 
> file pkcs7.asn1.h, while our corresponding copy in backports.git still 
> has the old name pkcs7-asn1.h.
> Here's the copy-list line that pulls pkcs_parser.c:
> crypto/asymmetric_keys/pkcs7_parser.c -> compat/verification/pkcs7_parser.c

Ah, header files too, right.

Ok, makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

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