Re: Errors backporting to 3.4

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So, frankly, we haven't been maintaining < 3.10 or so well.

> I tried building against various kernels and didn't find
> netdev_upper_dev_link' defined until 3, so anything less that that probably
> has this error.  I didn't know exactly what to use here so I just did an
> #if 0 around that section and resolved the problem for me.

IIRC we did the same in our internal tree, it simply can't be done on
earlier kernels - Luca, care to send that out?

> The second problem is in commit 2ebca7b7d087be04e25b1fc50cf08137d423af3d.
> Author: Luca Coelho <luciano.coelho@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date:   Tue Apr 19 22:13:11 2016 +0300
>     backport: add pm_runtime_active() implementation for < 3.9 kernels

Oi, that's pretty old.

> In linux/pm.h, those members addition to the struct are controlled by
> CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME, not CONFIG_PM. I changed pm_runtime.h to
> use CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME and that resolved the problem.

Interesting. Can you send the patch?

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