Re: [PATCH 00/21] backports: multiple changes for kernel 3.13-rc6

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On 09/05/2017 11:00 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:
> Hi Hauke,
>> This was build tested with kernel 3.18, 4.4 and 4.9. and runtime
>> tested with iwlwifi on kernel 4.9.
> Cool.

I have some patches to use it in LEDE, and tried it there with ath9k and
ath10k, but hope to do some more testing.

>> Are you planing to to releases in a tar?
> Not personally, no. I barely have time to do any maintenance here to
> start with, and still haven't set up any infrastructure to allow others
> to really help out significantly.
>> Which kernel versions are currently support by backports?
> I think we didn't really change anything, so should be 3.0+

I would prefer to drop everything < 3.10, or do not care about older
kernel versions. For LEDE I am only interested in 3.18 or 4.4 and more

>> patches/0079-netdev-destructor.cocci takes very long to apply, about
>> 3 times longer all others together.
> I doubt we can do anything about that.
>> Should we remove ssb and bcma from backports and use the in kernel 
>> versions instead? I do not expect so many changes any more affecting
>> the wifi drivers.
> I have no opinion either way.

When I find some time I will check how much problems with will cause for
kernel >= 3.10.

>> Is the compat wireless build server still being used?
> It's still *there*, but I haven't really used it in a long time. I was
> planning to set up some kind of auto-builder but haven't gotten around
> to it.
> johannes

How do we want to proceed with these patches?

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