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I am confuse with backports' parameter. First i found the mail list of
And i follow the attachment to patch backports' git.
I am success full create the backports-output, but some parameters confused me.
The parameter "--git-revision next-20170310". Is it says i am using
tag next-20170310 of source linux-next?
Currently my git of backports is point at master.
When i use the command in maillist to generate backport-output.
What target of kernel version am i going to backport to ?
kernel of tag next-20170310(linux-next) to which kernel version?
If my backports git is point at tag v4.4.2 and --git-version is point
at v4.11. Can i say i am backporting from 4.11 to 4.4.2?

吳重毅 Wu Chung-yi
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